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Week Booster: Super Bowl Commercials ’11

Commercials are definitely my favorite part of the Super Bowl. This year there were a lot of good ones but my favorite one surprised me. I usually don’t like the Doritos commercials but there was one in particular that was awesome! Watch my favorite ad below and then click the link to watch more.

Click here to watch more!

Posted by: sallylang | February 4, 2011

Thank You Reese’s

Valentine’s Day is coming up and for the most part that’s pretty depressing to me, a single woman. But, one thing I am looking forward to is the heart shaped Reese’s! This sounds a little pathetic, I’m sure you’re imagining me sitting alone eating chocolate but it’s not like that. I just love Reese’s and if you’re a Reese’s fan, you know there’s nothing better than a holiday peanut butter cup.

Basically, every major holiday get’s it’s own Reese’s cup, whether it’s Christmas or Halloween. I think it started with the Easter egg shaped one, which would make since since that seems like it would be the easiest to make. Besides the fact that they’re delicious and by far better than actual peanut butter cups, it’s a great way to keep the candy always relevant. Once you’ve established your brand as a candy, there’s only so much you can do to make it seem new and exciting in the consumers’ eyes. By making an almost new candy for every holiday, I think Reese’s does an awesome job overcoming this.

So, whether you want to make my favorite candy into a Christmas tree or even a Columbus Day ship, I’ll be excited and I bet there’s plenty of other people who will too!

image from Gluten Free DFW
Posted by: sallylang | February 2, 2011

Icing Over the Competition

So there I was, just browsing through the TV guide when, to my surprise, I see Figure Skating. Figure skating and it’s not even the Olympics? Heck yes! Well, if that wasn’t good enough, I also saw some very interesting advertising. Along with the ads on the walls surrounding the rink there were also logos under the ice.

In theory, it’s a pretty good idea. When the video pans out and you look down on the ice you can see even more ad space so why not put something there? There’s just one problem, you can’t really see them. I think at one point I made out a blurry Smucker’s logo. Maybe if there had been a quick wipe down by the Zamboni it would have been easier to see, but for the most part it’s unreadable.

This all brings up the point that even if some ideas seem cool, is it really worth it if they don’t serve their main purpose? How much exactly did these companies pay to display their logos where people can’t see them? I think that for ice skating advertising, the walls are your best bet. What do you think?

image from NYDailyNews
Posted by: sallylang | January 31, 2011

Week Booster: Improv Everywhere

Welcome back to the week booster! I know I’ve taken a bit of a break lately but I’m back and ready to make you laugh. This booster is from Improv Everywhere. You may have seen some of their random musicals, but they do a lot of other funny videos and this is one of my favorites.

Posted by: sallylang | January 28, 2011

Commercial Borrowing

The other night I was watching TV and I saw a new T-Mobile commercial. I’d seen other versions of these commercials before but that night it hit me. This is an Apple commercial.

These commercials are exactly the same as the Apple computer commercials that compare themselves to Windows. There’s the competitor represented as a person with differing problems and then the clearly better person representing the promoted company, in this case T-Mobil or Apple. Even the background is the same color and it sounds like the same music.

Now I have two theories about why this has happened and the first is that it’s supposed to be the same. The competitor person is usually AT&T, which carries the iPhone by Apple. Maybe they’re trying to make fun of their commercials by proving them wrong in the same format. The weird thing about this though is that AT&T is not Apple. The iPhone has never been advertised through this commercial format either, just computers. If this is the reason, it makes no sense.

The second theory I have is that they simply copied the commercial, which to me is a lame move. I understand that many ads are basically copies of others, but this is just so blatant to me that it feels like cheating. As for me, I prefer the original. First come first serve!

What about you? Do you think this is a cheap move or an obvious association? Watch both videos below and compare for yourself.

images from BGR and Penn Olson
Posted by: sallylang | September 7, 2010

Hope For McDonald’s

McDonald’s Happy Meals have been a signature of the company since before I was born. I used to get them when I was little and it was like a special treat. I mean, who doesn’t like awesome food, a toy, and sometimes playtime in the kid’s place? But over the past decade or so, McDonald’s has been getting a bad rap for childhood obesity rates in America and some people think their marketing to kids has to do with it.

Recently, there has been a petition to get rid of Ronald McDonald because of his appeal to children. I for one think that’s a little silly, considering he’s hardly in any of their advertising anymore. I also think it’s stupid to blame a fast food corporation for your children being overweight. You have the choice not to go there and you had to know that the food wasn’t good for you. And sadly, lower class Americans will probably still take their kids there regardless of a clown because of it’s low cost.

McDonald’s, however, has changed their marketing strategy. They know that parents are upset and that means they’re the ones who need to be catered to, marketing wise, right now. So, they now have their commercial that emphasizes the Ronald McDonald House foundation that receives money every time you buy a Happy Meal. They even have a cute little kids commercial and everything.

Parents can be happy now because they have no more clown appeal to children, but I’ll still sing the jingle whenever I get a Happy Meal. “That’s my Ronald, my one and only Ronald. That’s my Ronald McDonald.”

image from: Crossing Wall Street
Posted by: sallylang | September 6, 2010

Week Booster: SafeNow

This one is an oldy but a goody. My sister showed me this in high school and every couple of years I see it again and still laugh. It’s a parody site that uses safety and hazard pictures, that seem like they could mean anything, and gives them hilarious interpretations. Just a warning, you might want to read these somewhere you won’t be embarrassed to laugh out loud.

To see what these pictures mean and more awesomeness go to this link:

Posted by: sallylang | August 13, 2010

Honda Hipster

Thanks to a friend on Facebook, I recently saw this commercial. It’s an ad for Honda Australia and I it’s pretty funny.

Even though it’s from Australia, I think it makes sense here in America too. These people are everywhere and Honda making fun of them is a cool way to market their new car. It tells you about the car’s features by making fun of hipsters, which is very clever.

If I was buying a car I would seriously consider this one. I think a lot of people in my age range would too because this type of ad is exactly what we look for.

video from HondaAustralia
Posted by: sallylang | August 10, 2010

The Many Faces of Toyota

Lately, Toyota has had a lot of different ads. There’s funny ads, safety ads, new car ads, and more. It seems like Toyota doesn’t know which way to get back into everyone’s good graces.

With the big ordeal about Toyota’s break failure, they really had to step up their game. I just don’t think they know how to do that exactly. They obviously have to emphasize their safety features now but they don’t want to dwell on that. They’ve been putting some funny commercials on and I think that’s a good way of getting you to forget about their past faults. But, it’s not the perfect solution.

I think no matter what way they go, it will just take a while for everyone to trust them again. For now they just have to keep putting out ads and see which ones stick with consumers. Good luck Toyota!

image from iGeektrooper
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Week Booster: MLIA

You may have heard of FML or F*** My Life, but there’s also MLIA or My Life Is Average. I like FML but reading MLIA actually makes me happy. It started as a way to make fun of FML but it’s turned into people telling about all these cool moments that happened to them. It’s definitely more upbeat and I appreciate that.

Here’s a few sample posts:

Today, while eating dinner my mother stopped me from eating my mashed potatoes because it looked like a dinosaur. MLIA

Today I renamed all my files on the computer “the world”. Now every time I push “save”, it saves “the world”. MLIA

Today I was checking my facebook, when I noticed an advertisement for a page. It said, “Clothes. Many people who like ‘shoes’ like clothes.” No facebook, I only wear shoes. I find clothes to be in my way of showing off my shoes thank you very much. MLIA

Today, my sister was in a race. To chear her on, I screamed. “FOR NARNIA!” The girl who was in front of my sister looked at me really weirdly and tripped over her feat. My sister won. MLIA

For more go to this link:

image from Deviantart

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